Product Type Part Number Part Name SPEC QTY Unit
HAND DRYER A01061H0013091 HAND DRYER, AHD-2(opening enlarged) AC110V 1Φ 60Hz, HEPA, SUS304 5 SET
SS-MAC A01121M0014272 SS-MAC, MAC-51 ULPA Cold rolled steel with Bake painting AC220V 1Φ60Hz, 500Wx500Dx220H 2 PCS
EC-MAC A0212CV3064636 MAC-II-251-21UL, Cold rolled steel with Bake painting,610x1220x150H AC200V 1Φ 50/60Hz, without Filter 1 PCS
FFU A01111F0312011 FFU-T15E(chip type), aluminum with Bake painting (with Pre-filter) AC110V 1Φ 60Hz Three-stage speed, 1177x577x245H 1 PCS
SS-MAC A01121M0013240 SS-MAC, MAC-101 HEPA Bake painting, board type (including speed controller) AC220V 1Φ 60Hz, 650Wx650Dx200H 30 PCS
SS-MAC A01121M0059001 SS-MAC, MAC-120 HEPA Bake painting AC110V 1Φ 60Hz Three-stage speed, 650Wx650Dx320H 10 PCS
UCC LED Lamp bracket A01131Z000800N UCC LIGHT 40W, (without LED Lamp) aluminum with Bake painting AC220V 1Φ 50/60Hz50W x 115H x 1280L 276 PCS
Clean Vacuum Cleaner A0201400072001 Clean Vacuum Cleaner, Tiger-Vac EMI-CWR AC110V 1Φ 60Hz 3 SET
CLEAN VIEWER A0206400117000 CLEAN VIEWER, ACV-501(HEPA) AC100V 1Φ 60Hz 1 SET
SAFETY DAMPER A02101D0009081 SAFETY DAMPER, FTPD-10A Bake painting(Color: Pearl White) 600Wx335Hx160D 5 SET
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