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Air Shower (AAS)

Air shower (AAS) is designed to provide a doorway regulator among the clean production space and the exterior world, and also the preliminary entryways of the cleanroom after the gowning rooms. The purpose is to reduce particle contamination via high-pressure air to remove dust, fibrous lint, and other contaminants from personnel or object surfaces. It significantly reduces the number of airborne particulates introduced, leading to a clean environment for high-quality production. 

Applying high-velocity jets of air and (High-Efficiency Particulate Air, HEPA) or (Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter, ULPA) filter systems, mainly cleanroom air shower detach loose impurity on human clothes, body, materials, and tools when the operator enters the cleanroom. The powerful “cleansing” of surfaces before setting foot in the clean surroundings minimizes the abundance of airborne particulates introduced. With their interlocking doors and automatic cycling, air shower systems act as traffic guards, controlling passage into and out of the cleanroom.

Overalls and other shielding gear are used to prohibit outside impurities against, set foot in a cleanroom. AIRTECH produces high-quality and high-efficiency air showers to effectively remove contamination from people and products. Our air shower uses HEPA filters which are 99.99% efficient against particles of 0.3 microns to bring out ultra-clean air.

Pass Box (APB)
Pass box is the perfect tool for transporting items in and out of cleanrooms. It is a device placed on the wall of the cleanroom chamber. Its function is to supply as a buffer zone for the shifting of goods in different levels, and it can also assure that the goods are transported in a controlled environment without dust particles. When shifting items, the airflow and pressure of the cleanroom may be ruined due to the opening of the door. Therefore, the doors on both sides of the transfer box must have interlocking controls that may not be opened at the same time to protect cross-contamination.

Pass box is widely used in pharmaceuticals, laboratories, hospitals, and light-industrial environments. Pass boxes are made up of stainless steel which is powder-coated. They not only offer full protection but also facilitate the transportation of products. In pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, pass boxes are normally used to transfer particular material between two areas generally of different cleanliness levels.

Pass box comes with different features and sizes, hence installing the right product is paramount. Pass boxes are available in 5 different types: advanced, biohazard, static, dynamic, shower. However, with all the similar features, the pass box is designed in two different types:

·    Static Pass Box: It is used to transfer materials between two rooms of equivalent cleanliness levels and is designed for negligible personnel movement. This is a safe and effective solution since they can keep the materials from contamination within a controlled environment. Primarily for shifting non-sensitive products between two cleanrooms of equal cleanliness. It provides very good working performance in the cleanroom unit. It is also known as the passive pass box.

·    Dynamic Pass BoxIt is an effective solution as they allow materials to the controlled environment without personnel movement. Dynamic pass box capable of action and /or change also called active pass box. It is also equipped with UV light.