Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers (Gas Generator)
The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) gas generator is used to decontaminate, disinfect, and sterilize surfaces using vaporized hydrogen peroxide extracted from its liquid form.  H2Osterilization is a low temperature sterilization process, that requires less time than alternative forms of sterilization.  It has been proven to an effective and safe (non-toxic and environmentally friendly) solution.  We now offer three (3) models of H2O2 gas generators to choose from depending on your volume output needs: MLT Zeta, MLT 19, and MLT 19ii.

MLT 19: Suitable for use in large restricted access barrier systems (RABS), isolators, and rooms of up to 600m3 in size.
MLT 19ii: Appropriate for small enclosed spaces up to 100m3 in size.

·    Large capacity (H2O2) gas generator in terms of volume coverage. Capable of broad-spectrum antimicrobial bio-decontamination. An All-in-one system operates as a standalone unit.

·    Suitable for use in largely restricted access barrier systems (RABS), isolators, and rooms of up to 600m³ in size.

·    Has an airflow rate of 50-200m³/hr.

·    Encased in a stainless steel body.

·    Short decontamination time.

·    Utilizes a HEPA filter, making it capable of particle decontamination as well.

·    Capable of continuous decontamination. Operates without the need to regenerate dehumidifying agents.

·    Can be connected to an external printer.