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A Cleanroom refers to an environment with the lowest possible level of pollution. That environment is created through a combination of measures aiming at removing any contaminants susceptible to contaminate a space. Areas in the cleanroom are divided according to different applications and have different cleanliness standards. The term is widely used in industries which practices can adversely affect the natural environment. The semiconductor, biochemical technology, biotechnology, precision instruments, pharmaceuticals, hospital operating rooms industries figure among these industries. The most stringent requirements are applied to the semiconductor industry, for, it needs to control various elements such as indoor temperature, humidity and cleanliness level, so as not to affect the overall process and therefore the environment. Hand washer dryer, garment stocker, Partitioned Air Purifier (Clean Partition) are example of equipment that can be placed at the entrance, between the clean room and the dressing room to reduce contamination before entering a sterile environment. The main action of these equipment is to remove dust particles during normal circulation, reducing the chance of contaminating the clean room when personnel change into their garment.

What is cleanliness?
Cleanliness level is based on the ability of a cleanroom to effectively control the number of particles in a specific space. the number of particles of a "specific size" in a "specific volume" is defined as a benchmark.
The cleanroom is divided in two categories, industrial clean room (ICR) and biological clean room (BCR), as shown in the following table:

Industrial Clean Room (ICR) Biological Clean Room (BCR)
Clean Room Classifications ISO 1 - ISO 8 ISO 5 - ISO 8
Control Particle Diameter (μm) 0.1-0.5 0.5-10 (以5為中心)
Filter HEPA, ULPA HEPA, Medium High Efficiency Filter
Control Parameters Particulates, Chemical Pollutants, Pressure, Airflow Distribution, Temperature, Humidity Particles, Microorganisms, Pressure, Air Distribution, Temperature, Humidity
Method Cleaning Wash, Sterilize
Cleanliness Testing Method Particulate and Chemical Pollutant Concentrations Microbial Count and Particle Concentration

Other cleanroom equipment
We provide a large air volume of air filter unit (PAU), and can effectively reduce PM2.5 hazards through high-efficiency filters. They can be applied to large spaces such as offices, shops, clinics, schools and commercial places.
Our cleanroom fogger (Clean viewer) is a detection-device used to observe the flow of air inside the clean room. It traces the path of air pollutants, optimize the logistics of equipment and detect the movement of people in a space.