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Influenza (flu), measles, tuberculosis, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV), Coronavirus (COVID-19) are among the most common infectious diseases we have been confronted to these past years and one of the most effective ways to control these airborne infections transmission, is through the implementation of adequate ventilation system, notably in different healthcare facilities.
The negative pressure isolation room is a highly contaminated area which needs to be separated from other sterile areas to ensure environmental safety. In that room, the air flows from high to low pressure which impede any contaminants from escaping. The key to avoid cross-contamination between these two distinct environments, is by providing independent air-conditioning as well as exhaust system capable of redirecting the air flow through HEPA filters and/or sterilization devices.
Therefore, the establishment of a negative pressure ventilation system help control the dissemination of external viruses.

This is where Airtech's role come into full effect.

By designing equipment aiming at preventing airborne transmission, by developing negative pressure isolation devices for critical spatial separation, we contribute to the environmental and engineering control of these facilities.