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In 2003, the CDC published guidelines on infection control, which included recommendations regarding negative pressure isolation rooms. Negative pressure rooms, also known as isolation rooms, have inside air pressure that is lower than the air pressure outside of the room. This serves to prevent contaminated air from exiting the room while allowing non-contaminated air to flow into it. Effective negative pressure rooms are an important part of the healthcare facility system. These rooms prevent the spread of infectious contaminants and maintain sterile spaces.

The main purpose of the room is that keep patients with infectious illnesses or patients who are susceptible to infections from others, away from other patients, visitors, and healthcare staff. They are the most common method of infection control and are used to isolate patients with contagious, airborne diseases such as SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.


Hospitals usually use them in patient rooms to ensure infectious microbes do not spread throughout the hospital via the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Hospitals design the following areas as negative pressure environments:

·         Decontamination spaces

·         Airborne infection isolation rooms

·         laboratory work areas


AIRTECH provides a negative pressure booth, negative pressure isolation stretcher, biosafety hood, partitioned air purifier (clean partition) to establish a customized negative pressure isolation space.