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Clean Booth (ACB)
Our modular clean booth is durable, adaptable to your specific needs, and expandable as your business grows. If flexibility and price are important to your operation, then a modular clean booth from AIRTECH is the solution for you. Clean booth is designed for ISO 8 to ISO 3 classifications, meeting ISO standards and exceeding your own. They typically operate at positive pressure enclosures but can also be used as negative pressure containment areas to HEPA filter all the outgoing room air. It is also known as a clean workstation or clean shed. It is fast and easy to create a simple clean room, surrounded by PVC antistatic soft walls.

Clean booths are facilities for generating spaces that preserve a high level of tidiness and are reasonable price. This is a very good choice for the cleanroom design. Mainly it is suitable for processing formula, chemical industries, biochemical industries, pharmaceutical, and experimental drugs industries. It is also used in general clean rooms where only a few areas with higher cleanliness requirements are necessary.

Fan Filter Unit (FFU)
Fan filter unit (FFU) is a type of air filtering equipment. It is used to filter harmful airborne dust particles in the air of the cleanroom and regularly and strongly provides clean air. Contribute with the comprehensive air change frequency devising to ensure that the cleanroom level suitable international standards. FFU built a positive room pressure that the contamination risk from potential ceiling bypasses.

FFU is composed of pre-filter and HEPA filters. The air intakes approach through the fan top and is filtered through two stages filter device. Clean air is then sent out through the outlet. Lean on the cleanliness fulfillment of the controlled space, more fan filter units can be supplementary to the grid in order to meet ISO standards for airflow velocity and air changes per hour.

When a microenvironment of clean air is needed, FFUs can be used to construct packed-up workspaces or laminar flow cabinets. FFU accumulated clean air to cleanrooms and laboratories within the life-science, food and beverage, and microelectronic industries by extracting toxic airborne particles from recirculating air.