Patient isolation hood
This product helps manage the proliferation of infectious diseases while keeping the medical staff and patients safe. The air flow that maintains the negative pressure inside the curtain is from our high-efficiency HEPA Filters.

Casters are placed at the bottom to increase mobility and ease the installation process.
The soft transparent plastic curtain has been designed for claustrophobic patients.

·      Cover the patient's upper body with a transparent plastic cover.

·      Casters are easy to install and move.

·      Covering the patient's upper body can reduce the discomfort of claustrophobia.

·      Replaceable transparent plastic curtain.

Model ABH-897-CN
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Main Filter HEPA filter 
Pre-Filter Synthetic resin
Air Volume (CMM) High mode: 6.5     Mute mode: 3 
Air Velocity (m/s) High mode: 0.26   Mute mode: 0.12
Electrical AC 1Φ110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (W)
High mode: 25      Mute mode:7
Weight (kg) 50
Construction Main Body (Clean Partition): Steel sheet painting, 
Around: Patio: Colorless transparent plastic  curtain
Optional Synthetic resin, HEPA filter
Other If necessary, the touch fastener's design could be integrated, which can make openings in the front panel or sides.