Cleanroom Static Pass Box
Pass boxes are used to transfer materials in and out of controlled environments without personnel physically moving between the two environments.  Our static pass boxes are the optimal pass box to use in transferring materials between two equal-grade controlled-environments (cleanrooms). It is made from 430-grade stainless steel which give it a very robust structure.  The main body and doors have a very level and flat surface so as to prevent any dust accumulation.  Its large view windows make it easy to check contents inside the pass box. Its doors boast of a highly durable interlock mechanism ensuring the pass box’s air lock function.  A germicidal lamp can be installed as an added option. 
·  Our pass box doors are fitted with an electromagnetic lock for its interlock mechanism. This prevents both doors from opening simultaneously and thus blocking cross-contamination of cleanrooms.

·  Equipped with visual and audio warning systems to indicate if any door is open.

·  A germicidal lamp can be installed as an added option. 


Model 1B1000
Window Transparent tempered glass
Electrical AC 1Φ110/220V 50/60Hz or DC6V
Construction Outside: steel with bake painting. Inner: stainless steel SUS 430 or 304