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List of toxic substances

  1. Particulates Dust, fumigation, mist droplets, smoke, fog, fibers, etc. (e.g., coal mine dust, metal fumigation, sulfuric acid droplets.)
  2. Gaseous substance
    1. Asphyxiant gas Carbon monoxide, cyanic acid, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane gas, etc. High concentrations of these gases in the air may cause hypoxia asphyxiation and even death.
    2. Toxic gas Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, ammonia, etc. High concentrations of these gases in the air may cause irritation or poisoning.
    3. Volatile substances Benzene, toluene, alcohol, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, etc. Due to the low boiling point, it can easily form vapors that evaporate into the air, which can disturb the nervous system or cause symptoms of poisoning.
  3. Toxic liquid Strong acid, strong alkali, coal tar, cutting oil, organic solvent, etc. These may cause serious ailments (e.g., corrosion burns, acute poisoning or chronic diseases.) at skin contact or ingestion.
  4. Toxic heavy metal The industrial activities have caused massive increases in human exposure to heavy metals. Acute or chronic poisonings may occur following exposure through water, air, and food.
    1. Copper & zinc in high-temperature oxides of metals: fever
    2. Cadmium: replace calcium in bones, cause Itai-Itai disease.
    3. Lead: affect hematopoietic function cause anemia. Neurological symptoms of wrist drop, abdominal angina.
    4. Manganese: Parkinson's disease.
    5. Mercury compounds: deformed fetus, neurological symptoms.
In working environments such as pharmaceutical factories, medical care, research institutions and national defense facilities with high biosafety levels, staff is exposed to the risk of toxic substances for a prolonged time period. Air filtration equipment must be used to provide a good working environment, otherwise these substances will cause irreversible damage to human health. If any dangerous chemicals are used, asphyxiating gas, toxic gas and toxic vapor will be generated during the experiment. It is crucial to install smoke exhaust and ventilation equipment for contamination precaution. Our Chemical hazard clean booth can be used to prevent the spread of chemical dust, reduce the probability of pneumoconiosis and improve the factory environment tenfold. We also provide photocatalytic air purifiers which can effectively get rid of foul odors and remove dust mites.