We manufacture all the equipment in Taiwan and we ensure product quality.
We offer a 1-year warranty for the whole set of machines; the consumables are excluded. During the warranty period, the maintenance cost and the spare parts will be free of charge under regular usage. Situations like natural calamities or human mal-usage will not be considered within the warranty. Please refer to our warranty handbook for more details.
The lead time would vary from product. It is from 30 days to 90 days after we receive the confirmed order.
We have enough stock for the HEPA/ULPA if you request standard ones. We will have a minimum order quantity(MOQ) for HEPA filters in order to make a full carton box. This is to prevent cargo damage during transportation. For standard size, it is 3 pcs per carton. Shipping and packing costs are not included. If you request a customized size, the lead time is 30 days after we receive the confirmed order.
Sorry, we only provide maintenance service to AIRTECH users. But HEPA filters are not within this limit. Feel free to contact us if you request HEPA filters.
Please provide us the detailed User Requirement Specification (URS), including size, material, Cleanliness level, and product type. After we have the requested information, we will send you a quotation asap.