Visualize your goals and be the best version of yourself.

At Airtech, we genuinely encourage everyone to visualize their goals and achieve their highest potential. We believe that an empowered company begins with the self-empowerment of each and every individual in the company. That is why we value your purpose just as much as you do.

Employees satisfaction survey

  • 55%
    For benefits
  • 75%
    For environment

3Labor relations

  • Management and labor council
    We jointly establish a good communication channel to effectively communicate others’ opinions and narrow the gap in perception.
  • Sexual harassment prevention
    We are committed to establishing a safe working environment to prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Bullying prevention
    We strictly prohibit bullying and take severe punishment measures to counteract such behavior in the workplace.

65%~75% of employees

look forward to be qualified for a promotion!

3 Benefits

  • Labor health insurance
  • Labor pension
  • Group insurance
  • Annual physical exam
  • Maternity leave and paternity leave
  • Uniform
  • Birthday gift
  • Wedding & Bereavement subsidy
  • Scholarships for children of employees
  • Three festivals gifts/bonus
  • Year end bonus
  • Company trips
  • Year-end raffle draw
  • Company sponsored yoga classes
  • Afternoon tea time

6Working environment

A better working environment improves people ' s performance, and hence productivity.

  • Lobby
  • Conference room
  • Art gallery
  • Breastfeeding room
  • Yoga class
  • Staff lounge

Building a better future through constant innovation.

Using innovation to bring about a better future is one of the core values the company commonly shares with every individual in the organization. We firmly believe that on a personal level, one must constantly step out of their comfort zone in order to innovate and redefine themselves in pursuit of the realization of their goals. In that sense, Airtech is always ready to support its people endeavor.


  • Automation Equipment Division
  • Cleanroom Equipment Division

4 Internal educationand training courses

We cannot overly stress how much we value our people. As such, their personal advancement as well as their career development is important to us. At AIRTECH, everyone is given the opportunity to hone their strengths and talents, and even learn new things. We also provide avenues for continuous self-growth through training, certification, and even wellness programs. As a concrete commitment towards our people’s development, we provide:

Professional License subsidy

Such as forklift license, EHS licence, etc.

Overseas Training

Apply to participate in training course in AIRTECH Japan.

Training subsidy

Such as TTQS, improve high-performance work practice courses, etc.

Participation in exhibitions held locally and abroad

Highly proactive participate in many exhibition such as Interphex, SEMICON Taiwan, FoodTECH Taipei, etc.

5Professional skills

  • Professional Manufacturing
  • Sales Performance
  • Industrial Design
  • Logistics Management
  • Research & Development

7Possibilities for promotion

  • Assistant
  • Executive
  • Engineer
  • Supervisor
  • Account Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Assistant Vice President
“Quality”, “Service”, “Innovation” is our motto. Ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements is the key to our success.
AIRTECH is well-established in advanced cleanroom equipment manufacturing with excellent performance.
Our mission is to offer the largest, most efficient, and highest performance range of products with the best price/quality ratio.
We aim to maximize customer loyalty in the cleanroom field.

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