Cleanroom Shower Pass Box

The pass box is a device to keep the two areas at different grades from cross contaminants from one space to another during product or tool transfer. This is a safe and effective solution since they can keep the materials from contamination within a controlled environment. It can also be used to protect the materials from external contamination.

The air would go through a pre-filter and a high-efficiency filter. It is suitable for high-precision instruments and it is good for achieving higher requirements.

·    Small size high static Turbo blower can generate high-speed air so as to eliminate the chance of contamination in the cleanroom.

·    It is able to add inter-com, pressure differential gauge, PAO port, and germicidal lamp.

·    The construction material can be SUS or SGLC materials.

·    Time-saving and convenient for cargo transshipment.

·    All sizes can be customized.


Model APB-S-2313EAC-15
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Pre-Filter Non Woven Filter × 2pcs
Main Filter HEPA Filter × 1pc
Nozzles Qty 18pcs
Air Velocity (m/s) Air Jet~Above 23
Air Volume Air Jet~Strong breeze Above 18 (Recirculation Air~Above 8)
Electrical AC 3Φ380V 50/60Hz
Light LED light × 2