Negative Pressure Isolation Stretcher

The Biosafety capsule stretcher is akin to a class II2A biosafety cabinet mounted on a stretcher.  

It is meant to safely address the medical transport requirement of those people with special needs.  

People with infectious conditions or are allergen sensitive can be safely transferred to facilities where they can get professional medical care without compromising the health of others around them.

The biosafety capsule utilizes negative pressure to contain and prevent the accumulation of possible infectious contaminants, particles, allergens or pathogens that can be transmitted through the air. 

The air inside the capsule then passes through an ultra-high performance filter that traps these airborne contaminants or particles.  

·   Medical wheeled stretcher is fitted with a transparent and soft vinyl enclosure.  You have the option of either procuring a complete set (stretcher + biosafety capsule) or having your existing stretcher(s) retrofitted with a biosafety capsule.


·    Negative pressure is maintained inside the capsule.  This will prevent contaminants, particles, allergens, and even pathogens from accumulating inside the capsule; that may or may not have been expelled by the person through coughing and other means.


·    The air inside the capsule is discharged using a compact, ultra-high performance air filter.  This ensures that only clean and purified air is released outside the biosafety capsule.


·    Dry cell batteries can be used to power up the ultra-high performance air filter.  Device can run for approximately 1.5 hours using dry cell batteries.  Moreover, an AC100V power supply and shoulder type large capacity battery is also available as an optional accessory. 

·     The biosafety capsule comes with an in-car (12v) power cable as a standard accessory.

Model BS-Cap-Ⅲ
Particle Efficiency Above 99.9995% Efficient On 0.1~0.2µm Particles
Dust Collection PTFE ULPA Filter
Dimension (W×D×H) (mm) 1970×630×(995~1670)
Air Volume (CMM) Approximately 0.5
Operation Use battery or external vehicle power supply (DC 12V)
Power Alkaline battery
DC 12V (power supply for car)
AC 1Φ110V 60Hz(optional) 

Exhaust unit: steel plate baked painting
Filter: PTFE ULPA filter
Curtain: PVC material

Weight (kg)

Approximately 55 (negative pressure hood: about 20kg)