Micro Insect Light Trap (Bug keeper micro)

Collect insects with an insect lamp and collect them with a suction fan. Because it does not use drugs, it is effective for measures against insects in the food industry.

·    The insect lamp and suction fan suck and collect the invading insects.

·    Since insecticides etc. are not used, there is no influence of chemical contamination on the surrounding environment, people, and products, and safety is secured.

·    The insect bag is a built-in type, and insects collected can be seen from the outside.

·    The installation space was kept to a minimum with a vertically long slim shape.

·    Casters with convenient movement are attached.

·    Insect bag is a reusable formula. 

Model ABK-650T        
Bag Polyester net
Air Volume (CMM) Appr. 0.23                
Electrical AC 110V 1Φ50/60Hz
Power Consumption (VA) Appr. 50
Lamp 40W x 1set
Weight (kg) 5
Structure Main body: Steel plate baked painting
Accessories Disposable bag x10