Desktop Fume Hood
This is a desktop air extraction filter equipment used in chemical laboratories. Easy installation, cost saving and efficient use of space are its main characteristics. During testing and experimentation, the toxic chemical substances generated can be removed with a filter through the exhaust air filter unit located on top.
It reduces the researchers ‘exposure to harmful gases, and protect the environment from any toxic residues.

The filter can be selected according to the type of gas produced.

·    It sucks in at the specified wind speed from the hood opening to prevent leakage to the outside.

·    Harmful gas is removed in three stages: deodorizing filter activated carbon filter and high-performance filter.

·    Select an appropriate filter from the type of generated gas, alkaline type, acid type, solvent type, etc.

·    There are two models with a width of 516 (W) and 916 (W) mm.