Cleanroom Fogger (Clean Viewer)
Cleanroom performance standard ISO 14644 part 3, Annex B7 mandates cleanrooms operators to periodically give evidence of the actual airflow characteristics in a room by introducing a sterile fog and video graphing its movement.

·    The generated fog is harmless.

·    It is very dense and can be clearly visualized and recorded on a camera.

·    It doesn't leave behind any residue in the cleanroom.

·    It is very passive i.e it has a very stable velocity so doesn't create turbulence by itself in the airstream.

·    The volume and exit velocity of the smoke is controllable.

·    The SS 304 body is corrosion resistant.

·    Long handle, anti-slip design, stable when being operated.

·    When the water level is low, the power is automatically cut off.

Model ACV-600T ACV-800T
Dimension (WxDxH)(mm) 220x360x220 250x360x220
Watertank Capacity (ml) 3,500(pour water 2,275) 4,000(pour water 2,800)
Vapor volume (ml/hr) 2,600  5,000
Usage time (min) 50 30
Air volume (CMM) 0.4 0.55
Weight (kg)

Without water:8.0

Full water:11.5

Without water:9.5

Full water:135

Application field Airflow observation in the process equipment Process equipment and cleanroom environment airflow observation
Power and power consumption AC 100~240V/225VA(150W) AC 100~240V/310VA(300W)
Standard Accessories

tube diffuser ψ42.2mm *150cm *1pc

extension tube L=50cm *1pc

single-perforation tube L=50cm *1pc

perforated tube L=50cm *1pc 

tube diffuser ψ60.3mm *300cm *1pc

conical tube L=15cm *1pc

perforated tube L=60cm *1pc 

Structure SUS 304