Two Connected Air Shower

This air shower is made of 2 adjoining units; each unit having a depth of 1000mm.  Its wide opening is capable of simultaneously accommodating multiple personnel for decontamination.  It can likewise handle the passage of pallet trucks.


This model has a highly flexible configuration. It is suitable whether your needs are to accommodate the most number of personnel at the same time; or to decontaminate people and materials being transported in pallets; or even if you would just like to improve the efficiency of ingress and egress of people through an air shower.  It can be customized based on your purpose.  

·    Our air showers are equipped with DC brushless motors and LED lights, thus ensuring low-power consumption and lower operating cost.

·    Our air showers are deployed with a proprietary and patented pulse jet nozzle that is highly effective and efficient in removing unwanted particles and contaminants.

·    We look into every detail in designing our air showers; making sure form meets function. The best designs are then copyrighted and standardized, ensuring consistency across our products.

·    The Language settings of our air showers are easily customizable. Voice instructions of the unit can be easily changed to a language of your preference.

·    Our high-velocity exhaust system is capable of rapid decontamination and cleaning of the air shower after each use.

·    The equipment automatically goes on energy-saving mode when it is on standby.

Model AAS-1410EARM-2
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Pre-Filter Non Woven Filter x2pcs
Main Filter HEPA Filter 915×762×50t x 2pcs
Nozzles Qty 44pcs
Air Velocity (m/s) Air Jet~Strong breeze Above 30
Air Volume (CMM) Air Jet~Strong breeze Above 56 (Recirculation Air~Above 20)
Air Changes (hour) Air Jet~Strong breeze Above 587 Times (Recirculation Air~Above 210 Times)
Construction Coldrolled Steel With Bake Painting
Color Ivory
Electrical AC 3Φ220V 60Hz
Power Consumption (VA) Air Jet~Strong breeze About 3200 (Recirculation Air~About 620)
Interlocking Action Both doors are interlocked. When one door is opened, the other door is locked. In case of power failure, the door locks are automatically released for safe personnel exit.