Cleanroom Advanced Pass Box (APB)
APB type is a standard type pass box.
The main body and door have a flat structure to prevent dust from accumulating. The door has a large window that makes it easy to see inside the pass box, and is designed for ease of use. A germicidal lamp can be installed as an option.

·    Both doors have an interlock structure (electromagnetic lock) and cannot be opened at the same time.

·    When the door is opened, the indicator light on the opposite side is turned on and a buzzer notifies you that the door is open.

·    The base is made of stainless steel.

·    A germicidal lamp can be installed as an option.

·    The low dust hinge configuration effectively prevents dust accumulation.

·    Flat handle design to prevent dust accumulation.

Model APB06-666R
Window Transparent glass
Base Stainless steel SUS 430
Interlock Interlock indicator, buzzer, magnetic door lock
Construction Option: 1. Coldrolled steel with bake painting (Ivory)  2. Stainless steel SUS 430
Electrical AC 1Φ110V 60Hz
Interlocking Action Both doors are interlocked. When one door is opened, the other door is locked. In case of power failure, the door locks are automatically released for safe personnel exit.