Door Type Insect Light Trap (Bug Shield)

Our “Bug Shield” relatively has the same purpose as our Insect-proof air curtain.  It however is more comprehensive versus the air curtain in its overall insect/pest management.  It can manage both flying and crawling insects. The “Bug Shield” has the added function of trapping and eliminating insects as compared to the obstruction method used by the insect-proof air curtain.  With the “Bug Shield,” insects are actually lured to traps on the left and right sides of the opening.   Moreover, high speed shutter blinds coupled by specially designed blowers, blocks the entry of crawling insects.

·      Automated system with programmed coordination between the high-speed shutter, bug suction trap, and air blowers.


·      Most effective when installed by the doorways of warehouses and/or production facilities that require strict sanitary and hygiene control.  


·      Environmentally safe.  Do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals.  Deploys a combination of physical controls and mechanical controls to eliminate insects. 


·      Insects traps are easy to clean and replace.

·      Specially designed air blowers prevent insect intrusion.

·    Flying insects are captured by the left and right bug keeper(suction and trapping machines), and walking insects prevent invasion by seat shutter.

·    By applying air sucked by the bug keeper to the right corners of the button edge of the seat, it prevents the invasion of insects when the shutter is closed.

·    Since insecticides etc. are not used, safety is ensured without the influence of chemicals contamination on the surrounding environment, people, and products. Also in the facility, you can reduce the frequency of drug use.

Model ABS-10201Q       
Dust Collection Polyester net
*Ø100xH150 *
Countercurrent prevention and treatment
Air Volume(CMM) Appr. 3   * Continuous operation day and night           
Air Velocity(m/s) Appr. 12
Power Consumption (VA) AC 110V 1Φ50/60Hz
Lamp 40W x 2set
Weight (kg) Appr.200
Structure Main body: Steel plate baked painting
Accessories Reusable bag x4