Portable Clean Bench (APC)

A fully functional clean bench that is portable; small sized and light weight but big in features.  It comes with a rigid, clear plastic foldable hood for easy packing during transport. As an additional option, a dedicated battery may be purchased with the unit.  This will enable it to operate even in areas where a regular power supply is not available. 

·     Compact and lightweight making it highly portable.


·     Equipped with a power saving DC brushless motor.


·      Foldable, transparent acrylic working hood can easily be detached and stored outside the box.

·      Device can be neatly packed for transport, even power cord is kept concealed inside the device. 

·      Maintenance friendly design and construction, making it easy and convenient to perform regular maintenance and repair. 

·      Able to achieve ISO5 (CLASS 100) cleanliness working environment.

Model APC-43
Cleanliness ISO Class 5 (Class 100 )
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Main Filter HEPA Filter 330x520x50t x  1 pc 
Pre-Filter Non-Woven Filter Φ284 x1EA
Air Velocity (m/s) Approximately 0.35
Air Volume (CMM) Approximately 3.3
Electrical AC 100~240 1Φ 50/60Hz
Blower DC Blower x 1set (made in Japan)

Main part: Cold-rolled steel with baked painting

Power consumption (W)

Approximately 22

Weight (kg)

Approximately 12.5

proimages/drawing/Clean_bench Biosafety_cabinet Isolator/APC-43_1024x768px_en.png