Deodorising Photocatalytic Air Purifiers
Air purifier with deodorizing function, using three main levels and multi-layer filtration to produce clean air:

Step 1_Washable Pre-filter: Intercepts visible dust and hair in the first, and extends the life of the second high-efficiency HEPA filter.
Step 2_High-efficiency HEPA filter: Prevents the photocatalyst from getting dirty and prolongs deodorizing performance.
Step 3_UV-LED photocatalyst: Better than ozone (O3), negative ions, stronger oxidizing ability. It can strongly decompose odor source, musty smell and body odor.

·    Washable Pre-filter
Filter visible dust and hair. It can be cleaned with water. No need to replace it. Completely extend HEPA filter service life by filtering dust and hair.

·    High-efficiency HEPA filter
With EPDM and a unique packing design, the HEPA filter filters particles without omit. It is able to filter particles>0.3~0.5μm at 99.998%. All of the filters are tested with particle counter and PAO leak test. Each filter comes with a test certificate.  
automatically closed when entered.

·    UV-LED PhotoCatalyst 
The photocatalyst filter coated with titanium dioxide is able to intercept the floating matter in the air. After the filter is exposed to the UV light, the substances are decomposed for an odor-free environment.  
automatically closed when entered.


·    Experiment shows that foul odors can be effectively eliminated  
Perform both 5ppm and 7ppm Acetaldehyde, Ammonia. Compare with another brand. 
automatically closed when entered.