Cleanroom Hand Dryer

AHD-6 is imported directly from Japan. With the original air-exhaust nozzle, the blowing speed as high as 190m/sec can increase the drying capacity by two folds.

·    Improve drying performance: An original air-exhaust nozzle and DC brushless motor are adopted. The blowing speed reaches as high as 190m/sec. The ejected air can effectively prevent the water drops from spreading outward during the drying process.

·    Increase the convenience of cleaning the drying tank: Minimize the concave and convex structures in the tank to enhance the convenience of cleaning.

·    The structure is easy for maintenance: The pre-filter and water pan are set at the bottom. This makes daily routine maintenance operations easier.

Model AHD-6
Particle Efficiency Above 99.97% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Dust collection element Main filter: HEPA filter
Pre-filter: Non-woven fabric filter
Air Velocity (m/s) About 190
Air Volume (CMM) About 1.3
Power  AC 110V 1Φ 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (W) About 980
Weight (kg) About 30
Structure Body: Steel plate with baked painting
External case: Aseptic ABS resin
Drying tank: SUS304(hair-line surface treatment)