The next-generation cell platform is mainly a three-company AIRTECH JAPAN, WAKENYAKU CO., LTD., TOMY SEIKO CO., LTD., a concept model incorporating various ideas in anticipation of diversion to the production field. For the development of the regenerative medicine field, we will work on creating inexpensive and highly functional solutions with the all-Japan regime.


·    Cleanliness ISO 5: Each operation between the CO 2 incubator, the cabinet, and the centrifuge can be performed in a consistent ISO Class 5 cleanliness environment.

·    Operation of the vessel without mistake: Connect automated incubator and cabinet. With automatic loading and unloading function, transport the containers to the cabinet without mistakes.

·    Reduce shift costs: By adopting AIS (Air Isolation System), the time and labor required for decontamination and cleaning at changeover can be dramatically reduced.

·    Promotion of IoT by centralized console: Each control parameter of the NeXCell system is managed collectively on the console screen embedded in the AIS wall. You can record various data and check the status. It is also possible to link environmental data to work records and link to BMS / centralized monitoring system.