Cleanroom Hand Washer Dryer

Hand dryer is specifically designed at the entrance between the clean room and gowning room. The purpose is to wash and dry hands in a short period of time to prevent the staffs from contaminating the garment or clean room environment.
Brushless DC motor can effectively reduce the running noise of the cleanroom hand dryer.

·    Energy saving with the improved inflow direction and motor.

·    Reduce the noise with the improved air pipe and new motor.

·    Brushless DC motor is free from maintenance and residual toner. It is also with good durability.

·    The germicidal lamp effectively prevents bacteria from breeding. With the built-in sensor, the lamp will automatically turn off when people approach.

·    Enhanced drying capability: Airflow velocity at 100 m/sec from a new nozzle shortens the time to be dried.

proimages/product/cleanroom-facility/ airtech_hand_washer_dryer.jpg

Model AHD-145DW-DC
Particle Efficiency Above 99.97% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Filter HEPA Filter
Air Velocity (m/s) About 145
Air Volume (CMM) About 1.67
Dimensions (W×D×H)(mm) 620x505x1103
Weight (kg) 65
Power AC110V 1Φ 50/60Hz
Construction Case: Cold-rolled steel plate with painting
Internal: Stainless steel SUS304