Packaged exhaust unit
This product helps control the spread of infectious diseases while ensuring the safety of medical staff and patients. The airflow that maintains the negative pressure in the room is filtered by high-efficiency HEPA filters and discharged outdoors. It has been designed to impede cross-contamination between different areas.

Equipped with a high-quality, ultra-quiet blower ( from Japan), our packaged exhaust unit has been developed to support two-stage wind speed: high speed/low speed, and a differential pressure gauge aiming at detecting the status of the exhaust filter at any given time.

·    Equipped with a high performance of HEPA filter, which can filter 0.3μm suspended particles with an efficiency of 99.99%.

·    High-quality, ultra-quiet Japanese original imported blower, which minimizes interference components.

·    Set up the manual exhaust damper to realize negative pressure and disinfection inside the space.

·    Adjust the exhaust damper switch according to the requirements of the indoor environment to maintain the clean indoor air and to maintain a negative pressure state.

·    Pre-filter helps to remove the larger pollutants, and then carry out the subsequent of the second layer of filtration.

·    Use to measure the tiny pressure differences for the different pressure sources.

Model PEU-20
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Dust collection elements Pre-filter: Non-woven filter

Main filter: HEPA filter

Volume setting High                                                                       Low
Air Volume (CMM) Air supply: About 16 / Displacement: About 4       Air supply: About 10 / Displacement: About 3

Electrical AC110V 1Φ 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (VA) About 350
Weight (kg) 120
Color Pearl white
Structure Cold-rolled Steel With Bake Painting