Thermostatic Clean Booth

Our Thermal Clean Chamber is the ultimate solution to your uber precise climate-controlled environment requirements for your highly sensitive equipment, processes, or products. It is capable of regulating and maintaining temperature within a ± 0.1°C ~ ± 0.005°C range and humidity as low as 5 ~ 40% RH range.
Moreover, it continuous to function effectively as a cleanroom with a cleanroom standard of ISO 4 (Class 10).  This gives you the assurance that you can perform your processes or operate your equipment in the specific climate-controlled and clean environment it will require. Furthermore, AirTech can also custom build a Thermal clean chamber, based on your exact specifications and requirements.

·      Produces a cleanroom standard of ISO 4 (Class 10).  And can be customized to produce the required level of standard needed.


·      Advanced temperature-control precision.  Temperature control in increments from ±0.1°C to ±0.005°C is possible.


·      Can be custom built for your specific requirements.  We can also retrofit your current facilities based on your new requirements and specifications.


·      Highly safe and secure.  Designed and built with multiple protection circuits to ensure failsafe operation.


·      Provides ultra-precise climate-controlled and particle decontaminated environments to prevent product defects caused by particle contamination or unsuitable temperature and humidity conditions.


·      Produces by default, the standard humidity controlled specification range of 40 to 60% RH.  And can be custom built to produce humidity level specifications of 5 to 40% RH.


·      Equipped with a PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller ensuring high-accuracy and real-time monitoring and adjustment of temperature, humidity and cleanliness.