Self Assembly Air Shower

Model:  SS is our most basic and affordable unit. 
Although it is the most “simple” model in our line of air showers, it does not fall short in terms of functionality. 
On the contrary, it is actually our most agile unit; suitable for rapid deployment and installation.
It also requires the least site preparation, making it suitable for ad hoc or even emergency situations.
Despite its “no frills”  design, it still delivers outstanding decontamination performance at the lowest cost yet fastest time of deployment.

·    Rapid mobilization and quick installation.  This unit can be installed in just 1 hour by a three-man team.

·    Modular and highly adjustable.  Both the length and width of the unit can be easily adjusted to fit the spatial requirements or constraints of the customer.

·    Utilizes a Single Phase AC power supply.  It can be easily plugged into a wall outlet and can be operated immediately once assembled, without the need for complicated electrical or wiring configuration.

·    This unit can be installed with the option of using the existing doors of your room or facility.  The height and width of the equipment can be easily adjusted for this purpose as well.

·    Strip vinyl curtains are also available as an option.

Model AAS-1308BO-1.0H
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Pre-Filter Non Woven Filter 600×300×12t x 1pc
Main Filter HEPA Filter 610×610×50t x 1pc
Nozzles Qty 8pcs(Anti-Static PVC Nozzle)
Air Velocity (m/s) Air Jet~Strong breeze Above 25
Air Volume (CMM) Air Jet~Strong breeze Above 8.5 (Recirculation Air~Above 4)
Air Changes (hour) Air Jet~Strong breeze Above 535 Times (Recirculation Air~Above 183 Times)
Construction Coldrolled Steel With Bake Painting
Color Ivory
Electrical AC 3Φ220V 60Hz
Electric switch Strong breeze sensor switch
Power Consumption (VA) Air Jet~Strong breeze About 1020(Recirculation Air~About 290)