Biosafety Cabinet Class ⅡB2

The biosafety cabinet class IIB2 basically has the same function as the Class IIA2.   However, the Class IIB2 is more intended for toxicology applications. As such airflow through a Class IIB2 BSC is 100% externally expelled and that there is no recirculation within the BSC.  The amount of air volume used in a Class IIB2 is significantly greater than that of the Class IIA2. The Class IIB2 provides additional protection to the user when working with vapors and gases where aseptic conditions are required.

·    All air in the BSC is expelled and not recirculated in the system.

·    Excellent in removing vapors and gases. Suitable in applications that involve a large amount.

·    Ejects approximately 2.5 times the volume of air as compared to the Class IIA2 of the same size. Likewise, a more conditioned supply of air is required to replace the greater volume of dissipated air. As a result, energy usage is naturally higher as well.

·    An inclined slide shutter is utilized to improve ease of use; making operation both motion-saving and space-saving as well.

·    Display monitor shows both the inflow air velocity as well as the supply air velocity in a format that is very easy to understand. Also includes added sensors and alarms that deliver real-time comprehensive information such as abnormal wind speed, total air volume, and even motor-related abnormalities. This Instantly gives users the relevant information they need to manage their specific work environments yet keep them safe and secure at the same time.

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