Cleanroom Dynamic Pass Box
Dynamic pass boxes are used to transfer materials between two environments with different grades of cleanliness.  Equipped with a HEPA filter this pass box uses purified air to thoroughly clean materials moved through it. It likewise prevents cross contamination from one space to another during material transfer in and out of a cleanroom.  One is thus assured that exposed surfaces of materials being transferred inside a cleanroom with the use of this pass box, will be free from particle contamination.   Moreover, a germicidal lamp may be added as an option for disinfection purposes and to prevent biological contamination.  
·    Built-in HEPA filters safeguards the cleanliness inside the pass box, keeping it particle free up to 0.3microns. 

·    Our pass box doors are fitted with an electromagnetic lock for its interlock mechanism. This prevents both doors from opening simultaneously and thus blocking cross-contamination of cleanrooms 

·    Equipped with visual and audio warning systems to indicate if any door is open.

·    Designed using advanced techniques to eliminate the accumulation of particles.  A germicidal lamp can be installed as an added option. 


Model 1B1390
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Pre-Filter Non Woven Filter × 2pcs
Main Filter HEPA Filter × 1pc
Air Velocity (m/s) Air Jet~Above 0.45±20%
Construction Stainless steel SUS 304(HL)
Electrical AC 1Φ220V 50/60Hz
Blower High pressure positive blower
Light LED & UV light