Negative pressure booth

This product can also be called a simple negative pressure ward. The cover is made of a soft transparent plastic curtain, to accommodate claustrophobic patients.

Foldable, stowable, easy to install, this equipment aims at controlling the spread of infectious diseases while ensuring the safety of patients and medical staff. The airflow that maintains the negative pressure inside the compartment is filtered by high-efficiency HEPA filters that will be discharged outdoors, so the bacteria or other viruses do not linger in.

·    The airflow that maintains negative pressure in the compartment is filtered by high-efficiency HEPA filters and discharged outdoors.

·    Easy to assemble the compartment. No tools are needed.
Just unfold the bracket to complete the assembly.

·    When the temporary compartment is not used, it can be folded and stored in the accessory storage bag.

Model TIB-2618S
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Main Filter HEPA filter 
Pre-Filter Synthetic fiber
Air Volume (CMM) High mode: 6.5     Mute mode: 3 
Air Changes (hour) Air Jet~High mode: 54 Times, Mute mode:  25 Times
Electrical AC 1Φ110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (W)
High mode: 25      Mute mode:7
High mode: 42      Mute mode:15
Weight (kg) 55
Construction Main Body: Steel sheet painting, Beam / Column: Aluminum
Around: Patio: Colorless transparent plastic  curtain
Optional Differential pressure gauge (-50~+50Pa)
Storage bag for frame