Negative pressure booth

For controlling infectious diseases

Isolate the infected patients and keep the negative pressure inside to prevent the spread of virus and bacteria and infection.

·    The airflow that maintains negative pressure in the compartment is filtered by high-efficiency HEPA filters and discharged outdoors.

·    Easy to assemble the compartment. No tools are needed.
Just unfold the bracket to complete the assembly.

·    When the temporary compartment is not used, it can be folded and stored in the accessory storage bag.

Model TIB-2618S
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Main Filter HEPA filter 
Pre-Filter Synthetic fiber
Air Volume (CMM) High mode: 6.5     Mute mode: 3 
Air Changes (hour) Air Jet~High mode: 54 Times, Mute mode:  25 Times
Electrical AC 1Φ110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (W)
High mode: 25      Mute mode:7
High mode: 42      Mute mode:15
Weight (kg) 55
Construction Main Body: Steel sheet painting, Beam / Column: Aluminum
Around: Patio: Colorless transparent plastic  curtain
Optional Differential pressure gauge (-50~+50Pa)
Storage bag for frame