Auto Door Air Shower

The automatic opening function prevents cross-contamination and the dust on hand. It is with an interlock system and infrared sensor system.

·    Press the button at the entrance and the door will be automatically opened. (An infrared sensor switch is an available option.)

·    The door is fully opened.

·    The door is automatically closed when entered.

·     Automatically air showering with two doors interlocked.

·     The exit door is automatically opened once showering is done.

·     Upon personnel exits, the exit door will be automatically closed.

·     The automation mode and door type (single rail with both sides open, double rail with double side open) can be customized.

Model AAS-809AR
Particle Efficiency Above 99.99% Efficient On 0.3µm Particles
Pre-Filter Non Woven Filter
Main Filter HEPA Filter 
Nozzles Qty 16pcs
Air Velocity (m/s) Air Jet~Above 25
Air Volume (CMM) Air Jet~Above 16.9
Base Standing platform made of stainless
Construction Coldrolled Steel With Bake Painting
Color Ivory
Electrical AC 3Φ220/380V 50/60Hz
Interlocking Action Both doors are interlocked. When one door is opened, the other door is locked. In case of power failure, the door locks are automatically released for safe personnel exit.