Air Curtain for Cold Storage

We have an air curtain specifically designed for use in cold storage facilities.  This air curtain prevents cold air from escaping the storage area while at the same time prevent warm air from coming in when the storage doors are open.  Preventing changes in temperature inside the cold storage area, will reduce the air conditioning load.  Moreover, inhibiting warm, humid air from entering the cold storage area will reduce the need for defrosting, and as such lower maintenance cost as well as downtime.  Overall, installing an air curtain in a cold storage area will reduce the overall cost of operation of the storage facility.

·      High heat insulation efficiency (approximately 75%)* 
*Heat insulation efficiency ~ Based on temperature measurements done in our laboratory facilities.

·      Reduces air conditioning load as well as cuts the number of required defrosting. Resulting in overall reduced cost of operation


·      Equipped with our proprietary, slim-type, variable frequency drive motor.  A microprocessor controls the multi-stage airflow velocity. 


·      Compact design with a depth of 370mm.

·      Can be embedded in a heat-insulating wall without compromising access provisions for its maintenance and repairs.


·      Customizable dimensions.  We can manufacture the air curtain to your specified dimensions. 


·      Recommended being installed in locations such as:

.   Cold storage warehouse entrance

.   Temperature controlled Warehouses

.   Wide door openings between rooms of different temperatures.


·      Programmable, and can be linked to operate synchronously with the opening and closing of electronically controlled or automatic doors.

·      Innovatively designed, making upper portion airflow prevent heat intrusion while the lower portion airflow blocks the cold from escaping.