Multipurpose Fan Filter Unit (SS-MAC)

SS-MAC is a small-scale and multipurpose unit that can be easily installed by yourselves.

A compact sized fan filter unit that can be setup in varied configurations to serve a wide variety of applications. It is plug and play ready, and is fitted with a HEPA filter, capable of straining out air borne particulate matter as small as 0.3μm in size. The main body of this air purifier is made of anti-static plastic so as to prevent dirt and dust from adhering to it. It is easy to maintain and is lightweight. It can also boast of having an innovative design and build.   

·      Lightweight but rigid design. The outer shell is constructed from antistatic resin.


·      Utilizes a power-efficient DC brushless motor, resulting in lower power consumption and higher energy savings.


·      We have four sizes to choose from that can cater to your requirements.


·      All models* come with a variable fan speed selector switch giving you the option to manually control the unit’s fan speed.


·      Our SS-MAC line* operates with an auto-voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC or on a 24VDC.


·      The HEPA filter can be replaced with an ULPA filter depending on your required specifications.  The product is RoHS compliant.

Model MAC-11 MAC-51 MAC-101
Particle Efficiency HEPA: Above 99.99%Efficent On 0.3μm Particles
ULPA: Above 99.999%Efficent On 0.1μm Particles
Pre-filter Non-woven nylon filter
185x185x7t x 1pc
Non-woven nylon filter
350x350x12t x 1pc
Non-woven nylon filter
350x350x12t x 1pc
Main filter HEPA: 200x200x50t x 1pc
ULPA: 200x200x65t x 1pc
HEPA: 460x460x50t x 1pc
ULPA: 460x460x65t x 1pc
HEPA: 610x610x50t x 1pc
ULPA: 610x610x65t x 1pc
Air Velocity(m/s) 0.6±10%
Air Volume(CMM) 1±10%
Power Consumption(VA) 52(45W)
184(110V) / 167(220V)
Noise(dBA) 56
Weight(kg) 5 21 27
Motor & Fan AC 110V or 220V 1Φ 50/60Hz / Low noise fan x 1set
Style Ivory or Pearl white (choose one) / Stainless steel
Structure Cold-rolled steel plate bake painting