With the cooperation of various departments, we have designed an all-in-one product customized to the needs of the " Neimenchef " in the food industry. The product combines air shower and cleanroom hand washer dryer to provide three steps cleaning before production personnel enter the production area. It can effectively reduce the number of suspended particles in the air and provide a clean working environment.

Step1. (Shoes Dust Removal Area) : Use the bottom device to remove the dust and little gravel from the sole of shoes.

Step2. (Air Shower Area) : Remove dust and pollutants adhering on the body by high-speed air blowing.

Step3. (Hand Washing and Drying Area) : Provide hand washing and hand drying functions. Equipped with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser by the side.

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※All areas are equipped with infrared sensors to distinguish areas. ※Equipped with inductive lights, the lights will light on when people approaching. ※The air shower area and the hand washing and drying area equipped with countdown seconds. Timer can be adjusted according to needs.

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